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wineJapan Sommelier Association certified Wine Expert

Differently from Sommelier and Wine Advisor, the Wine Expert certification does not request a person to have a practical experience, so even wine lovers can take this exam. Accurate judgement skills of wine quality are necessary and they are certified! A wine expert is a master of wine.
Certification body: Japan Sommelier Association

sakeSake Service Institute certified Kikisake-shi

The job of the Kikisake-shi (sake tasting master), a person trained in tasting and having a deep knowledge of Japanese sake, is to explain its wonders to the consumers, exactly like the Shochu kikisake-shi.
According to the tastes of the customers, their physical condition and to other subtle points, he will chose the best sake to drink.
Certification body: Sake Service Institute

shochuSake Service Institute certified Shochu Kikisake-shi

The job of the Shochu Kikisake-shi (shochu tasting master) is to propose a pleasurable eating and shochu drinking scene and to explain the health benefits, culture, particularities of shochu to the customers. This master will receive the mark of a professional after having attended the courses at SSI, learned variedly about shochu and passed the relative examinations.
Certification body: Sake Service Institute

whiskyScotch Whisky Research Centre certified Whisky Expert

The Whisky Expert is a certification system for all those persons that handle whisky as a job or have an interest in it. This certification is not limited only to scotch whisky but covers all the whisky types in the world. A Whisky Expert explains the good points and how to enjoy whisky to people from individuals to groups.
Certification body: Scotch Whisky Research Centre

whiskyScotch Whisky Research Centre certified Whisky Professional


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