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  • 追手筋東店deliver to catering businesses

    Detail of the store
    • Address1F,Vine Building,1-4,3-chome,Harimaya-cho, Kochi-City, Kochi
    • Store closing day/sTuesday
    • Store opening hoursPM4:00-AM1:00 Public holiday Only PM4:00-AM0:00
  • 高知追手筋店deliver to catering businesses

    Detail of the store
    • AddressKogetsu bill 1-8-10, Otesuji, Kochi-shi, Kochi
    • Store closing day/sSunday
    • Store opening hoursPM4:00-AM1:00Public holiday Only PM4:00-AM0:00
  • Maison du Vin

    Our 1,000wines selection

  • Whisky Kingdom

    Our 500 whiskies selection

  • Shochu FRONTIER

    Our 800Shochu selection

  • Toji no Sato

    Only the Sake Master's skill

  • Tax Free stores

    Japan. Tax-free shop

  • delivery service

    delivery service to restaurants

  • Introduced store of drive-through

    Anable to do shopping without getting off the car

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