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Umeda(Osaka-shi Kita-ku,Osaka)

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1-10-1, Sonezakishinchi, Osaka Shi Kita Ku, Osaka


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AM11:00-AM1:00 Saturday AM11:00-PM10:00 Sunday&Public holiday AM11:00-PM8:00

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open 7 days a week

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sakeSake Service Institute certified Kikisake-shi

The job of the Kikisake-shi (sake tasting master), a person trained in tasting and having a deep knowledge of Japanese sake, is to explain its wonders to the consumers, exactly like the Shochu kikisake-shi.
According to the tastes of the customers, their physical condition and to other subtle points, he will chose the best sake to drink.
Certification body: Sake Service Institute

whiskyScotch Whisky Research Centre certified Whisky Professional


CheeseCheese Professional Association certified Cheese Professional

It is said that it's the most difficult certification among cheese certifications.Just like a cheese specialist.if you are looking for the right cheese for your liquor,aks the Cheese Professional!
Certification body:Cheese Professional Association

CheeseCheese Professional Association certified Comrade of cheese

The Comrade of Cheese is a certification that indicates people who love cheese, together with the knowledge of the culture of cheese, which is a culturale heritage.
Certification body: Cheese Professional Association


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