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Sagano(Kyoto-shi Ukyo-ku,Kyoto)

  • Tax Free stores

    Japan. Tax-free shop

  • delivery service

    delivery service to restaurants

  • Toji no Sato

    Only the Sake Master's skill


20-9, Uzumasa Kainiti-cho, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto-shi


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open 7 days a week

We are closed on Jan. 31st for inventory.

Parking space18
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Specially expert staff in the store
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sakeSake Service Institute certified Kikisake-shi

The job of the Kikisake-shi (sake tasting master), a person trained in tasting and having a deep knowledge of Japanese sake, is to explain its wonders to the consumers, exactly like the Shochu kikisake-shi.
According to the tastes of the customers, their physical condition and to other subtle points, he will chose the best sake to drink.
Certification body: Sake Service Institute

shochuShochu Advisor

The people who can capture customer preferences and dishes,and the physical condition of the day accurately.And advise customers on the most suitable shochu!If you are having trouble choosing shochu, ask the shochu advisor!
Certification body:Sake Service Institute

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